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Help your yourself, friends, family, or employees find their most optimal health through Mindful and Intuitive Eating Group Counseling and Corporate Wellness programs!

Services available:

– Small Group Nutrition Counseling

– Corporate Wellness Programs

– Live Webinars

– Virtual, Self-Paced Programs

– Healthcare Facility Menu Reviews

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I have been featured as a guest speaker and writer in media outlets such as ABC-7, Self, Shape, Redbook, and many more. Hire me for your next health segment or wellness event today.


“As a woman who struggled with my weight and body image, I just wanted to find a way a healthy way to achieve that perfect body. I had tried several large group programs that were very restrictive and hard to maintain. Working with Mindfully Intuitive Nutrition completely changed how I saw my relationship with food. Gisela helped me make connections as to why I struggled with food related issues and how to overcome them. The body you need is one that is emotionally, physically, and mentally healthy, which is not the same for everyone. Having the freedom to be ME and listen to MY body’s needs is so powerful. I would recommend Mindfully Intuitive Nutrition to anyone seeking a healthy relationship with food and body image.”

- A.P., Small Group Counseling attendee